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Message: ...
I think it's just the county's firewall, as it checks pages for certain words to block them on the fly. Did you ask Spoon about it? I've... HEard of Cerberus before... But... I don't see how it would relate to this... Hm. As nothing has happened and... I don't horribly care if this is read (Yeah, I'm talking to you, maybe person reading this)... It doesn't much bother me.

And... I know you can leave messages for me... o_O

I saw the birthday message.
If that's the one you mean.
When did I ever say you couldn't? o_O

I haven't had the time to check the site recently, though - We've been doing a bunch of book work (BAH!) and then in programming we were doing a 2 week long project in which I was trying to do more than I should have. >_> I never got done (but the teacher saw that I knew what I was doing so I got a B - I had a 103 in the class anyway...) - And, note, I want to make a remake of Dragon WArrior in VB.
... Yeah, I'm crazy.

A message to relate to spoon, as I think he should find this highly amusing...

"I've been playing WA3 recently. Awesome game. So... Over a weekend, one day I woke up, started playing, and finished chapter 2. I then immediately got Lombardia. It was... Oh... Noonish? I then did all the Millenium Puzzles (WITH a guide for the annoying ones. Daaaamn you vertical puzzles!). I then got all the randomly placed items on the ground (Bunch-o-Duplos).
It was then... Oh... 10 PM. o_o LONG SIDEQUEST. I can't wait to do some of the optional bosses, too. >_>

Totally random thing... Missing the day Chain Rule is explained + Not getting it from the book + Going through complicated items the next day = OY my brain hurts. Calc... Fun stuff. o_o
Though, once I understood it... I started thinking of Fighting game combos, as ... _Chain_ rule... >_> <_<"

If Spoon hasn't mentioned... THough he likely has... Hurricane Wilma is going to kill us all. o_o (Us being those still in S. Florida. Daaaamn you Florida!) It's the strongest hurricane in the history of record keeping. And... Heading right for S. Florida. Last I heard it was going to cross over West Palm Beach, AKA this county. Guh.

And this is already too long, so, SEND!

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Message: Two things.
Pass tis message on to spoon. "I beat WA. Cec with Necro = Oh Dear God. o_o. I loved the ending, and I really want to get ACF now (I still have to do the optional stuff, though.)... I started WA2 (and got like 15 hours in over the weekend. >_>) and remembered why I didn't like it as much. Yay for waaay too many hard to find triggers. And boss fights. There were 4 boss fights where I had no control inbetween. Eeeesh."


And... THere's an English class in the school that has to read manga for class. Apparently the teacher is from Japan. Bwa. I find it funny that the friend of mine that doesn't like anime/manga is the one in that class.

Hope everything is going well, and whatnot, and... I ... hope I'll have net soon. X_X

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Name: Rekky again.
Message: Hey.

I totally understand your joy of being found through Google, as for whatever reason, I checked my stats page, and noticed my site had been found through search strings.
Some of them are.. Uhh... Odd. (My self-depreciation to calling my cosplaying horrible led to "horrible cosplayers pictures" hitting... and then "kingdom hearts yuffie cosplay" should be a good result ... But, alas, the picture isn't there... I never got the pictures from the people with cameras.)
But, you know, it's still a nice feeling.
Though, some of them were from friends of mine doing searches for things they knew would catch my site.

.... It still gives me the urge to start working on my site again. >_>

I so need a good flash drive to put my site onto and such.

Oh, I think I might have mentioned to Seth or Spoon to ask you about flash drive programs (Akin to Thumb drive firefox) or programs that can work from a straight copy (As in, if you install it on a copy, then copy it to another directly, it'll work.). If you still remembered any of those programs, I'd be grateful if you could throw the list onto your site.

Though, I still can't get around the school proxy. I know the IP but not the name or port.... So, no IRC or anything, sadly. Though, Slayk mentioned something about using a coputer as a proxy... But I haven't net. I might ask a friend to do it, though, but I get the feeling I'd still need the school proxy. Meh.

So, give my regards to the room, and hopefully I'll see you all soon.

Name: Rekky for the second time in a day
Message: ...
I forgot to mention a message to pass onto spoon...
He said he had got an appeal on userfriendly.org for the WPB firewall...
... Mm. Apparently anything under the catagory of Arts/Entertainment is now blocked, including userfriendly (and the large majority of webcomics - VGcats and Megatokyo aren't for whatever oddness.).

Arts and Entertainment as a reason to block things. Arts. Wow.